AUTHENTIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA (Russia - Switzerland - Armenia)

16 June
Starting at — 21:00
Hall main/small: 1500 / 1200 rub.

Authentic Light Orchestra

Authentic Light Orchestra was founded by multi-instrumentalist Valeri Tolstov in 2009 with an idea to combine different musical genres such as jazz, rock, elements of eastern folk, modern classics and live electronic. There is no special accent separately emphasizing any of the above mentioned genres which are harmonically supplementing each other by this producing a unique sound and original interpretation of Armenian folk. The main inspiration and incentive of musicians of the Authentic Light Orchestra are the creation of a fresh view on folklore music with the aim to find a new musical language or a new sound specific to the band.


Veronika Stalder - vocal
Valeriy Tolstov - flute, ethnic instruments
Evgeniy Lebedev - piano
Anton Revnuk - bass
David Sagamonyants - drums