Jazz Connects: Duduka da Fonseca Trio

25 July
Starting at — 20:00 / 22:00
Hall main/small: 1400 / 1200 rub.
“Duduka is a fantastic drummer, he has worked with me and I love the way he plays.”
 Antonio Carlos Jobim, Rio de Janeiro, Spring 94

"Another band that played five times (Umbria Jazz Winter # 16) was a sextet led by drummer Duduka Da Fonseca. All the members are from Brazil (trumpeter Claudio Roditi, guitarist Guilherme Monteiro, pianist Helio Alves, bassist Leonardo Cioglia) except for the reed player whom Da Fonseca introduced as “Anat Cohen, from Tel Aviv, Brazil.”  What is special about this band’s version of“samba jazz” is that Da Fonseca’s drumming makes the samba so powerful andauthentic, and world-class soloists like Alves and Roditi and Cohen light the jazz on fire."
Thomas Conrad,  All About Jazz