Laya Bam Band 

8 January
Starting at — 21:00 / 22:00
Hall main/small: 1000 / 700 rub.

Laya Bam Band — a trendy band that meets needs and tastes very different audiences: fans of Pop, Soul, Funk, Jazzy House to jazz connoisseurs and the complex intellectual music. Repertoire can not limit itself to the framework of solo concerts and participation in festivals, but also has the opportunity to speak at Fashion-shows, discoveries shops, showrooms, exhibitions, presentations, and various PR-campaigns, participate in promotional projects. Music is a collective of creative platform for the search of his special sound, the implementation of copyright designs and innovative ideas, without which there can develop modern music. Musicians Laya Bam Band experimenting, perfecting his musical language, through which express their own attitude. Creating Content instrumental and vocal compositions, the group uses a variety of stylistic, not forcing himself into standard musical forms.

Laura Plenkina - vocals

Art Ayvazyan - trumpet

Nikita Kana - sax

Sergey Alyamkin - guitar

Dmitriy Beloysov - bass

Alexander Kulkov - drums

Dmitry Biser - sound engeneering 


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