Leonid & Friends - Tribute to Chicago

9 June
Starting at — 21:00
Hall main/small: 1700 / 1200 rub.

Leonid Vorobyov - bass, vocal
Sergey Kashiryn - guitar, vocal
Igor Javad-Sade - drums
Vlad Senchillo - keys, vocal
Vasiliy Akimov - vocal, acoustic guitar
Sergey Tyagniryadno - vocal, guitar
Vladimir Popov - sax, flute, vocal
Alexey Batychenko - trumpet, fluhelhorn
Konstantin Gorshkov - tenor-sax
Alexander Michurin - trombone


That was my crazy idea – 2014’ fall I’ve reached a pension age - (60 in Russia) but I didn’t retire from business, I just decided to make something special to celebrate the date. The best way is to gather my friends for recording one of my favourite songs. I didn’t expect such effect. Every musician have a job and lack of time. But they are my friends and I was strongly determined to drive the nail home. I’ve started to make it just for myself and partly for my peers-musicians to encourage them, but later I saw everybody love it more and more. Step by step... and in the end it seemed good enough to call two guys with camera and shoot the video. When the first video (Brand New Love Affair) got so warm reception every participant told me – “let’s do the next one”. What have I gotten into? I said Okay, Make Me Smile is the next! Now we have seven songs finished and four more songs in progression. So it’s just started over.