Moscow Ragtime Band & Antti Sarpila (кларнет, саксофон, Финляндия)

29 December
Starting at — 20:00 & 22:00
Hall main/small: 1500 / 1200 rub.

The whole story began way back in the end of XX century when a bunch of young Moscow musicians, big fans of Old Time jazz, couldn't help forming a group to play this footstomping and fascinating music.

Since that distant sunny day the Moscow Ragtime Band has been restless, taking part in numerous public events, often sharing the stage with prominent Russian and international artists. Having been featured in popular TV shows and many jazz fests, MRB nevertheless gained acclaim not only in Moscow but somewhere else, too (this fact not leading to the name change, though).

With the beginning of the new millennium the group can be seen collaborating with various artists, playing number of clubs, concert venues and other places they can find on the map. Everything can happen during MRB show, there's no obvious logic to it, but the people who happen to see it are inevitably engaged in this REAL LIVE performance.

Enchanting sounds and lot of fun – that’s what millions of people all around the world love this evergreen music for!

Special Guest of the night - 
Antti Sarpila (Finlandia, clarinet & saxophone) - one of the few internationally known jazz musicians from Finland. Although based in Helsinki, he performs extensively as a solo artist all over the world.