Vahagn Hayrapetyan Trio feat. Laurent Robin (France, drums)

12 September
Starting at — 20:00 & 22:00
Hall main/small: 1300 / 900 rub.

ROBIN LAURENT born in Fontainebleau (France) 21/09 /1967.
Start the drums at the age of 9 playing on records. Then by the age of 13 he decided to study at the Fontainebleau conservatory where he studied 4 years. Went to the CIM and to the Percussion Institute of Technology in Los Angeles graduated with Honors.

Back to France he joins the TAMS TAMS l’Europe with André Ceccarelli, PACO SERY, and others drummers.

Plays with the afro jazz band DJOA and tours in the Carrabean islands and performs at the Pan jazz festival in Trinidad.

He joins the 4tet of the violonist Deborah Seffer touring in lots of jazz festivals like Montreal,Nice ,Montreux...
In 1995 he joins the great COMPANY LUBAT with which he plays and meets important musicians like Michel Portal and Louis Sclavis. They tour in Europe and Africa . One hour Documentary on the Compagy on ARTE CHANNEL.

In the same time he meets the singer ARTHUR H and records the album : TROUBLE FETE ; followed a big tour in France, Canada, Japan and Africa.

Winner in 1997 of the LA DEFENSE JAZZ CONTEST with a 4tet composed of Pierrick Pedron,Vincent Artaud, Boris Blanchet.
First article in Drums Magazine.

Plays with its own band at the Samois Jazz fesival . Joins and records with the Sylvain Beuf 5tet the album SOUL NOTES ; they play in festivals and go to Mexico.

He’s touring and recording a live album with the singer Mathieu Boogaerts in trio.(festival in Tokyo).

He’s recording the first album of Helena Noguera (tour in Japan).

Plays with the Julien Loureau groove gang and Olivier Temine All Star.
Touring with the famous female organ player : RHODA SCOTT and Stephane Belmondo in trio.
Plays and tours in Europe with the N’GUYEN LEE trio featuring LINLEY MARTHE. Concerts with the singer Anne Ducros.

He joins during 5 years the MICHEL PORTAL 5tet with pianist BOJAN Z ,trompet FLAVIO BOLTRO and FRANCOIS MOUTIN on double bass.

JVC Jazz festival in NYC with the BELMONDO Brothers toured in Canada, Russie ; and east Africa.
New 4tet with Stephane Belmondo and Eric Lenigni and win the award of best jazz album in 2004.

Goes on tour with the singer MICHEL JONASZ and record with him. Plays with the LAURENT DE WILDE TRIO, with YOUN SUN NAH 5tet...
Now leading its own band : the SKY RIDERS with Benjamin Moussay and Vincent Lafont recording the album : ODE TO THE DOODOODA.

Has played with the following musicians :
Alfio Origlio, Anga Diaz, Franck Amsellem, Emmanuel Cisi, Jean Pierre Como, Stephano Di battista, Giovanni Mirabassi, Andy Emler, Francis Lockwood, David EL Malek, Batiste Trottignon, JC Beney, Laurent Coq, Louis Winsberg, Etienne M’Bappé, Sophie Alour,


Manuel Rocheman, Nelson Veras, Jean Marc Jaffet, Franck Avitabile, Pierre De Bethman, Eric Lelann, Rick Margitza, Daniel Mille, Minino Garay, Sylvain Luc, Eric Lenigni, Youn Sun Nah, Franck Morgan, Flovio Boltro, Olivier Temime,Magic Malik, Albin de la Simone, Vincent Artaud, Benjamin Moussay, Jannick Top, Glenn Ferris, Ira Coleman, Julien Loureau, Malia, Dr. Lonnie Smith,Dave Liebman, Susi Hyldgaard, Randy Brecker, Kirk Lightsey, Stuart Mc Callum, Paul Bollenback , Jacques Swarz Bart , Youssef Lateef, etc, 

Vahagn Hayrapetyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia on August 30, 1968. Graduated from the music school after P.I. Tchaikovsky and Yerevan State Conservatory as pianist and composer. Vahagn's exceptional manner of playing has evolved for years - carried away with jazz in his early years, he learnt from such jazz be - bop legends as Barry Harris and Frank Hewitt in New York and worked and share stages with many legendary jazz musicians,such as Elvin Jones,Jimmie Lovelace , Charles Davis,Leroy Williams,Ari Roland,Zaid Nasser, Chris Byears, Yaala Baalin, Keith Baala, Jason and Delfeo Marsalis and many more. He recorded and released three albums in NEW ORLEANS - ”Love for sale” with Clarence Johnson III, “Tripp to New Orleans” with Johnny Vidakovich and Ed Wise and “Bop it up” with Wendell Brunious,Brice Winston, Bill Huntington and Jason Marsalis.

Vahagn participated in many international jazz festivals such as Jazz Jamboree, St. Petersburg International Jazz Festival, Moscow vocal International Jazz Festival (in 1997, 1998 and 1999, accordingly), New Orleans Jazz Fest du Maurier, Montreal Jazz Festival etc.