Dock In Absolute

18 May
Starting at — 21:00
Hall main/small: 1200 / 900 rub.

Jean Philippe Koch - piano,
David Kintziger - bass,
Michel Meis - drums.

Dock In Absolute, a young Luxembourgish pianist trio comprised of pianist Jean Philippe Koch, electric bassist David Kintziger and drummer Michel Meis. A very disciplined outfit, there was a baroque underpinning to Koch’s compositions wedded to an indie rock feel.

-The New-York City Jazz Record

Dock in Absolute: Drei vielversprechende Jungmusiker. Ein verträumtes, zuweilen romantisches Jazz-Rock Trio.

-Hermannstädter Zeitung

Dock In Absolute is a stellar trio from Luxembourg comprised of young musicians who breathed new life into the music scene through their debut album, released on CAM JAZZ, that features as many as twelve original tracks by Koch and one by Kintzinger.

Its music is sparkling, varying, forceful, pressing, rich in twists and turns in mood: from lyrical to unrestrainable, from wild to graceful, from virtuosic and crystalline to assertive and dramatic, from subdued to airy and demonstrative. It can be charged-up one moment and calm the next, then take off again to reach vibrant sounds. An endless variety of melodic cells, often with a hypnotic pattern, alternating against a flamboyant, bright sonic background with unfaltering dynamics, never a half-way approach from this trio. Each track develops unexpectedly, since Dock In Absolute’s music thrives on contrasts: a minimalist theme in opposition to a grand richness of timbre, the endlessly blooming notes of a solo in opposition to a tireless, stern ostinato. Dock In Absolute proves that Jazz has myriads of stories to tell: thus, it should be allowed free rein.