Four Tenor Sax & Karina Kozhevnikova

22 February
Starting at — 20:00 / 22:00
Hall main/small: 1300 rub.

Karina Kozhevnikova - the brightest and fastest growing star on the Russian jazz scene. Unique, charming timbre of her voice, intimate and heartfelt manner, excellent mastery of the technique of vocal improvisation "scat", an extensive repertoire, a subtle and profound insight into jazz music made it desirable and a frequent guest on the best concert halls in Russia. Critics often call her "Russian Ella Fitzgerald", although Karina consciously avoids copying and creates its own version unbanal jazz songs. In March 2007, released his first solo studio album With Eyes Closed, recorded together with a trio of Lev Kushnir, co-producer which made itself Karina.

According to Anatoly Kroll - "this is a very serious claim of the existence of a Russian jazz singer of the highest world level."