Peter Vostokov Big Band plays Boyd Raeburn

20 February
Starting at — 20:00 / 22:00
Hall main/small: 1000 rub.

Russia's only non-state Big Band (up to 17 musicians) performing exclusively on two stages in Moscow, one of them being the Esse Jazz Club, will take you to the Great Jazz of 1920’s – 1950’s.

Peter Vostokov’s Big Band recreates the authentic sound and uses the original scores and the old instruments. The show presents a unique program dedicated to the "masters of jazz, such as Duke Ellington, Jimmy Lunceford, Dizzy Gillespie, Claude Thornhill and others.

Just like the jazz improvisation, the Big Band’s programs are very diverse and never repeated.

Boyd Raeburn was born in Faith, South Dakota, and became one of the greatest and least-known of jazz bandleaders during the 1940s. To modern ears his music sounds completely acceptable, not much more difficult to comprehend than the music of such better known leaders as Stan Kenton or Dizzy Gillespie, but without the support of a major record label or radio sponsor his band floundered for years, often going bankrupt only to reappear a few months later with new personnel.